LeBron James Follows Michael Jordan’s Footsteps With Huge Nike Move

LeBron James has followed behind Michael Jordan with his recent big Nike move. The Los Angeles Lakers are struggling to say the least. They have failed to impress much at all so far and don’t even have a winning record. The low point so far is losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder two times in as many weeks. The Thunder are easily one of the worst teams in the league and should not be beating teams with as much talent as the Lakers.

LeBron James has had a few injury issues so far this season. He is a big part of the team but it is clear that they should be able to and need to be able to win without him in the line up. Anthony Davis talked about this after the Thunder loss.

“We’ve still got to play basketball,” Davis said recently. “He’s a big key to our team, but we’ve still got to play. I don’t know how long he’s going to be out, but we’ve still got to find ways to win basketball games.”

LeBron James Follows Michael Jordan’s Footsteps With Huge Nike Move

“We can’t control (LeBron) playing or not, but what we can control is going out there and winning basketball games,” Davis said. “With the guys that we have, we have enough pieces to still win basketball games, even though he brings a huge part to both ends of the floor of what we do.

“It’s an adjustment period of trying to figure out new schemes and stuff like that without him, for however long he’s out,” Davis continued. “But like I said, we still have enough pieces to win basketball games.”

But LeBron is still doing work off the court. He recently followed the footsteps of Michael Jordan and announced a big Nike move.

This is pretty cool stuff.

This is a pretty cool move and something that has obviously been in the woodwork for a while now. UCLA has moved on from Under Armour and decided to partner with Jordan and Nike instead. It is a big move for LeBron. What do you think about this move from LeBron and Nike?