LeBron James’ Meeting With Damian Lillard Hints at Concerning Trend That Could Ruin LBJ’s Career

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James had a reason to schedule a meeting with Damian Lillard. The Portland Trail Blazers superstar has been linked to several top teams in the NBA, including the Lakers. Well, the conversation about his trade got stuck in the middle of nowhere. Lillard is still loyal to the Blazers.

This brings us back to the “godfather” meeting LeBron and Anthony Davis had with Lillard.

In an interview with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Lillard revealed that LeBron invited him for lunch. They met in LeBron’s place in Los Angeles. Dame was already in LA and he also attended a game with LeBron.

LeBron and AD had a meeting with Westbrook for a reason

When Dame arrived at the address, he spotted LeBron and AD sitting on the table. They had Italian dinner and the wine they had made things flow easily.

LeBron started the conversation with his time with the Lakers and all the opportunities LA offers. The four-time NBA champion had a reason to join the Lakers. He wanted to win and living in Los Angeles gave him an opportunity to do business. LeBron is successful off the court and he has a strong office in the big city.

Dame could see himself in Los Angeles, playing in a purple and gold jersey. This meeting was big and Dame enjoyed every bit of it. However, he didn’t feel like leaving the Blazers. Did LeBron try to recruit him?

This made people talk about LeBron’s ability to recruit top players. Yes, he did help sign Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook. Well, AD was on his way out of New Orleans and Broddie grew up in LA.

Some would say LeBron has difficulties getting new names in LA. The Lakers lost Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to the Clippers in 2019. Kyle Lowry slipped down their hands, too.

I guess LeBron is really happy with his current team. He has great teammates and they have started winning games. LA has won five of the last six games and they have a chance to make the big game this season. This is their revenge…