Lebron James Reveals His Longevity Secret to Deal With All The Haters

LeBron James is an inspiring figure for many young players mostly because of his longevity, and he is willing to share the secret with his fans… and doubters.

The four-time NBA champion joined the Los Angeles Lakers and won a ring in his second season with the team. He suffered a terrible injuries in his debut season with the team and the Lakers didn’t make the playoffs. The same happened in LeBron’s third season as a Laker. Well, we can definitely agree that LeBron is the best basketball player of all time. He was chasing his dreams to get this far. Now LeBron is on his way to get his fifth championship.

What keeps him going this long? Doubters like Skip Bayless would say that LeBron will never be better than Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan. Maybe LeBron will change his mind. I mean, he will be 37 in a month and age has nothing on him. LeBron plays elite basketball and the Lakers built their roster around him. They wouldn’t really form a roster around someone they don’t consider valuable.

LeBron James keeps shocking opponents with his longevity and we know the secret

What’s the secret? Here’s what LeBron said.

“It doesn’t surprise me because I know how much work I put into my job, my body and preparing to play,” he told Dan Woike from Los Angeles Times. “So I can go out and do some things that other people still wonder how can I do. I can feel the energy, I can feel the aura, and now it’s about putting in the work, it’s about trusting the process and working towards the goal every day.”

LeBron sat out a couple of games due to an ankle injury but he came back right on time. He sustained an injury on the same ankle, but it was a different spot. It wasn’t anything serious and the king helped his team beat the Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston Rockets. Moreover, the Lakers won five of the last six games. Not bad for a “washed king”, right?