NBA Announces Punishment For LeBron James After His Big Balls Celebration

The NBA has announced its punishment for LeBron James after his ‘big balls’ celebration against the Indiana Pacers. The Lakers have not had much reason to celebrate so far this season. They have struggled to do much of anything and continue to lose games that they should be winning. It has been interesting to see them lose in the ways that they have. LeBron missing games definitely has a lot to do with it but that is still no excuse to lose to bad teams.

But LeBron got a bit too excited after the Lakers beat the Pacers last night. He celebrated in a way that the NBA was not very pleased with it. The NBA came out with a statement and released their punishment for the all-star. Take a look at what they announced for LeBron James.

This win against the Pacers was followed by a horrible loss to the Kings in which they lost 141 to 137. LeBron James did not play well.

“I felt like I played a horrible game individually, and I hold myself to a higher standard than that,” said James. He had 30 points but shot the ball poorly and had several turnovers. “I’ve got to do better for this team, especially when we’re going through what we’re going through on the floor.”

NBA Announces Punishment For LeBron James After His Big Balls Celebration

“It’s always a miss or a make situation,” said James. “Obviously, people see the highlights and say, ‘Oh, he missed that.’ But I thought the looks that I got, I wasn’t pressured. Wasn’t sped up. Got great looks. The looks that I got tonight were actually better looks than the ones that I got in Indy. I just made them.”

Westbrook also talked about the loss. His poor play has been a big part of the Lakers struggles.

“One thing I live by is never, never, never panic,” said Westbrook. “Don’t panic. Stick with each other, never spread out in times like this regardless of what people may think outside of our locker room of how quickly they think we should be playing this way, that way. It’s a long year.”