NFL Reportedly Reviewing Mac Jones-Brian Burns Play; Discipline Possible

It has come out that the NFL is now reviewing the Mac Jones-Brian Burns play and it sounds like discipline is not off the table. The Patriots have been pretty impressive the last three weeks of the NFL season. They now have a winning record going into week 10 and have looked like a much improved team from where they started at the beginning of the year. But will they be able to keep it up?

There are a lot of questions about a specific play that happened during the Panthers Patriot game yesterday. Mac Jones appeared to grab the ankle of Brian Burns and many think that it was a dirty play. We can definitely see how it looks intentional but a new camera angle makes it look like a pretty typical football play.

But that is not stopping Panther players from complaining. And it sounds like the NFL is going to take a closer look.

NFL Reportedly Reviewing Mac Jones-Brian Burns Play; Discipline Possible

Panther players thought it was dirty.

“I definitely thought it was a dirty play,” Reddick told reporters postgame. “I actually saw and witnessed the play as it was happening, as I was running, him seeing them over there. First of all, he was trying to trip or kick Burns, and then next thing you notice, I saw him tugging on Burns’ ankle. I thought it was completely dirty. Hopefully, it’s something that the league addresses.”

“I think it was surprising to not see that a penalty was called,” he said. “It seems like they’re always protecting the offensive players. Where is the protection for the defensive players, as well? I don’t know. I felt like that was a call that shouldn’t be missed. I’m going to speak out on it, whatever the consequences. However the referees feel, that’s how they feel.”

“But it looked completely intentional from where I was standing — and I was pretty close — and I don’t think that’s a call that should have been missed.”

We will have to wait and see what decision comes from the NFL. It was an interesting play which lots of moving parts. But it didn’t look dirty perse. The NFL might see it differently.