Patriots Chargers Mic’d-Up Highlights Include Bill Belichick Sideline Speeches

Head coach Bill Belichick is a winner. The New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Chargers and it was a big game for both teams. Of course, Belichick’s squad got the best of the game. Patriots players found the right solution to Chargers opponents, and this mic’d-up video is the best thing you will see on the internet these days. New England beat the New York Jets, and now they beat the Chargers. Great, huh? Belichick and his players can really turn their game into success.

The mic’d up video contains the most interesting pieces of the game. Patriots players were great and this win will motivate them to do even better next time.

Rookie quarterback Mac Jones didn’t have a brilliant performance but two Patriots players did magic on the field a few days ago. Belichick went to the sidelines to shake his players’ hands following the win over the Jets. This time he gave game balls to Adrian Phillips and Hunter Henry in the locker room. We know Patriots players have the wildest locker room celebration in the entire league. Coaches and players celebrate every great win and this one was no exception.

Many would agree that Phillips was the star of the show. He was the most efficient Patriots player in Sunday’s win and Belichick knows it really well. Hunter wasn’t the best but his final move sealed the win for his team. It was great achievement and fans do hope to see more of this from their favorite team at the end of this week.

The Patriots celebrated a 27-24 win and a have a 4-4 record at this point of the regular season. They entered the 2021 regular season with a loss but this loss motivated every player on Belichick’s roster to try harder in the following games. This helped the Patriots overcome great obstacles and fears. I mean, Belichick decided to trust his rookie and Jones faces huge pressure. The Patriots chose him over former NFL MVP Cam Newton and he also has to fill up the void Tom Brady left behind. Need more?