Patriots Free Up Roster Spot By Releasing Veteran Offensive Lineman

The New England Patriots made a move after beating the Charlotte Panthers. According to latest reports, the patriots are releasing offensive lineman James Ferentz. The veteran player will no longer be part of the 53-man roster. This is not the only move Patriots made. They have also released Drake Jackson and Ben Mason from the practice unit.

Ferentz was elevated to the active roster for three regular-season games. The Patriots signed the 32-year-old on Oct. 27, giving him an opportunity to show off. He saw action in three games with two starts at left guard.

The offensive lineman has been part of the NFL for five seasons. He has made stops in the NFL, splitting his time between the Houston Texans, Denver Broncos, and of course, Patriots.

Patriots are releasing the offensive lineman without making additional moves

The 6-foot-2, 300-pounder has seen action in 48 regular-season games with six starts and two postseason games in his NFL career. Ferentz joined the NFL as a rookie free agent with the Texans out of Iowa in 2014. He spent his rookie campaign on the Texans practice unit and had two seasons with the Broncos. The Patriots added him to their roster in 2017. Ferentz spent 2017 and some of the 2018 season on the Patriots’ practice unit. The team added him to the active roster in November, 2018. Ferentz began 2020 on the Patriots practice unit before joining the active roster. As a player on the 53-man roster, Ferentz played in seven games with a couple of starts.

New England released Ferentz on Aug. 31, but added him to the practice unit on Sept. 1.  He is out of the team now, and the Patriots have yet to announce another move to replace him.

Head coach Bill Belichick has calculated his moves and it seems like he is doing an excellent job. The Patriots have won a few games so far in the season, including the one against the New York Jets and Panthers. Belichick has a few injured players on the roster, but he has a solution to each and every problem. Elevating the right player at the right time is always a good idea.