Patriots Made Decision On Damien Harris For Game vs Browns

The Patriots have made a decision on Damien Harris for their upcoming game against the Cleveland Browns. The Patriots are playing much better at this point than they were at the beginning of the season. They started off very slowly, losing some games that they probably should have won. But now, with the improved confidence of Mac Jones and the offense, they are playing like a team that could possibly make the playoffs.

It might be a bit harder this week against the Cleveland Browns, though. The Browns have not been impressive this season. But they are coming off of a huge win against the Cincinnati Bengals. This was a big confidence booster for a team that was struggling under the leadership of Baker Mayfield.

The Patriots will be without a few players though. Today they downgraded Damien Harris and Gunner Olszewski to out as they were unable to clear concussion protocol. Both players sat out all practices this week after they had head injuries against the Carolina Panthers last Sunday. This is a bit hit for the offense which has been rolling in recent weeks.

Patriots Made Decision On Damien Harris For Game vs Browns

Bill Belichick has been pleased with his team for the past few weeks. He recently talked about Mac Jones and his improvement so far this season.

“First of all, I think Mac came in with good fundamentals from high school and at Alabama with [Nick] Saban, but a lot of his mechanics, ball handling, things like that are pretty good. Like every player in every position, they can always be improved and refined a little bit. Again, his foundation is pretty good on that. You’re right. There are so many little things when you handle the ball on every play. Even though you might give it to somebody in the running game, there are a lot of little things that go with that.”

“Sometimes, things like just how good a quarterback is on handoffs or how good he is on getting the ball deep to the running back, sometimes that extra split second that the running back has because he gets the ball sooner or he gets it a little bit deeper is the difference in a cut that could result in yards, maybe multiple yards, or maybe a few yards, or a quicker cut at the line of scrimmage.”