Patriots Mentioned as Potential Landing Spot For Recently Released WR

The New England Patriots have been linked to many players, but they didn’t make a move prior to the trade deadline. The team was expected to make a move, but they didn’t. It looks like the Patriots may be the best landing spot for a talented WR.

Michael Hurley from CBS Boston discussed the Patriots’ chances to get DeSean Jackson. He is available and he seems like a good option for many teams.

“The available player is DeSean Jackson, the veteran burner who asked the Rams to release him after he’d taken less than 20 percent of the team’s offensive snaps through eight games.” Jackson’s speed was once a game-breaker for defenses, but it appears the Rams questioned if he still has that impact on the field. Hurley addressed that concept as well.

“He said: ‘It’s fair to wonder whether Jackson can be an impact player. He’s 34 (he’ll turn 35 on Dec. 1), and he played in just 18 games in the previous three seasons. He does have a 75-yard catch this year, and he had an 81-yard reception last year, proving he’s still got the jets that made him a three-time Pro Bowler. But he’s also caught just 31 passes (for 616 yards and four touchdowns) since 2019, evidence that he’s not a consistent performer at this stage of his career. That being said, might the deep threat of Jackson open up some plays for the Patriots’ offense a few times a game?”

The Patriots don’t seem like a team that needs a strong player now. They have been winning games with the current roster. Rookie Mac Jones and his teammates seem to be enough right now.

In the first seven games of the regular season, Jackson wasn’t used as a starter. He made 8 receptions for 221 yards and a score. Belichick will need more than this. Maybe this is the reason he had to keep his team as is.

The Patriots packed the roster with talent. They combined talented young players and strong veterans. This is the ultimate winning formula.