Patriots Release List of Inactives For Game Against Browns

The list of Patriots inactives is now out. The New England Patriots have been playing pretty well in the past few games. They have one three games in a row now and have looked pretty impressive doing so. Mac Jones and the offense have started figuring out how to move the ball down the field in an effective manner. This is what they need to do if they are wanting to make it to the playoffs this season. At the rate they are going now, they could win their division.

But in order to continue their winning ways, the Patriots will also need to remain healthy. They have not had too many issues so far with injuries this season. But as the season drags on, more and more chances will come up. In today’s game against the Cleveland Browns, there are a few important names to keep an eye on.

Here is the Patriots’ injury list for Week 10:

RB Damien Harris
WR Gunner Olszewski
QB Jarrett Stidham
CB Shaun Wade
OLB Ronnie Perkins
OL Yasir Durant

Patriots Release List of Inactives For Game Against Browns

Obviously, Damien Harris missing is huge for the Patriots and it will be interesting to see how they manage without him. Someone will have to step up after Harris failed to be removed from the concussion protocol this week. He missed all practices this week as a result of his injury.

Gunner Olszewski is in the same boat and will not make it after being on concussion protocol after a hit in last week’s game.

Mac Jones and the offense will need to continue their strides should they want to win this game. Bill Belichick talked about Mac Jones’ improvement over the past few weeks from the start of the season.

“First of all, I think Mac came in with good fundamentals from high school and at Alabama with [Nick] Saban, but a lot of his mechanics, ball handling, things like that are pretty good. Like every player in every position, they can always be improved and refined a little bit. Again, his foundation is pretty good on that.”

“They’re very important. We harp on those fundamentals all the time. I hit them every week. Those little things can really add up. I think you see players like Tom [Brady] improve. As long as he played, he continued to work hard on those. We’d talk about them a lot.”