Patriots Star Has Blunt Comment About Thursday Night Games

NFL players don’t really like playing on Thursday night. The same goes to New England Patriots star Devin McCourty and he has just made a blunt comment on the upcoming game.

The Patriots are coming off of a good win over the Cleveland Browns. They don’t have much time to get ready for the next game as they are playing against the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday. Head coach Bill Belichick warned his players that they shouldn’t waste any time and prepare for the opponents.

This is a huge challenge, and McCourty doesn’t like any of it.

“I mean, quite frankly, it sucks to play Sunday then have to play again Thursday,” said the Patriots safety. “But you push through and you look at the next break that you’re going to get is a 10-day break. You just have to push through mentally and continue to tell yourself that and go out there and try to play a good game.”

Patriots star makes blunt comment for a reason

Patriots players started planning their performance for the game against Atlanta right after beating the Browns. They had the first practice on Tuesday. Belichick planned a light walkthrough on Wednesday morning and the team traveled to Georgia later that same day.

The Patriots have three full practices each week. They have a game on Thursday night, meaning they can’t prepare for their next opponent.

Atlanta deals with the same challenge, meaning both teams will face similar difficulties.

“There’s two teams going through the same thing and it’ll come down to who out-prepares each other, who can recover better, all those little things in a short amount of time play a big factor come Thursday night,” McCourty added.

New England is in the middle of a nice winning streak and players have a chance to continue the winning tradition. Playing against Atlanta is easy and players will give their best to finish the game with a win. They were brilliant in the last few games and they should do the same again. It’s a long season for everyone and players face huge challenge.