Patriots Take Over Top Spot In AFC East After Colts Pummel Bills

The New England Patriots dominate the AFC East and the Buffalo Bills are nowhere to be seen. Imagine that!

Rookie quarterback Mac Jones and his teammates started the 2021 NFL season with a 2-4 record, but they are really close to the playoffs now. The Patriots have won five straight games and have a 7-4 record at this point of the regular season. Head coach Bill Belichick must be proud of his players because they have just leapfrogged the Buffalo Bills in the standings in Week 11.

New England beat the Atlanta Falcons 25-0 on Thursday Night. The Bills suffered a 41-15 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Many would say this was an unexpected loss for the team. Well, losing the throne to the Patriots must be awful, huh?

Patriots dominant over Bills

The Bills have a 6-4 record, followed by the Miami Dolphins with 4-7. The New York Jets rank fourth with a 2-8 record. Go, Patriots!

Things can change overnight and teams in the AFC East can go wild following this ranking. One thing stands for sure. This domination will motivate Patriots players to go extra hard in the next few games. They have five games left of the regular season.

The Patriots have to meet the Bills twice in 2021. They will travel to Western New York in Week 13. The reigning division champs will come to Gillette Stadium in Week 16.

Both games will have a big impact on the AFC East and the playoff situation.

The current situation in the division proved doubters wrong and they better stop talking stuff about Belichick’s squad.

The Patriots own the third seed in the AFC with huge potential of moving up later in the season. One of the top teams in the conference suffered a blowout loss on Sunday. The Tennessee Titans brought their seven-game winning streak to an end following the 22-13 loss to the Houston Texans. Tennessee has a 8-3 record at the moment and Belichick and his guys may move ahead of the team in the future standings if they beat them next Sunday.