Report: Lakers May Have a Nightmarish Situation on Their Hands With LeBron James

The Lakers might have a pretty horrible situation on their hands with LeBron James. The Los Angeles Lakers have not looked good so far in their games. The NBA season is obviously still very young but it is clear that the Lakers have more problems than anybody thought they would. On paper, this team should be one of the best in the NBA. The talent they have on the roster is insane and if things were going perfectly, the Lakers might still be undefeated but that is obviously not the case.

But things might be getting worse instead of better. Tim DiFrancesco, LeBron James former strength and conditioning coach, talked about some interesting things during a recent interview with The Athlectic.

“Especially the way he plays, it’s tough for me to see him getting back under four weeks,” said DiFrancesco. “Then again, he’s a different dude, so I wouldn’t put anything past him…These are such delicate injuries that can respond to rest with pain relief quickly, but they are highly susceptible to re-injury if returned too quickly.”

Report: Lakers May Have a Nightmarish Situation on Their Hands With LeBron James

LeBron has already been struggling with injuries to start the season and it might not be getting better for a while.

LeBron has always had some trouble with injuries but as his age goes up, the more time he will have to take off due to these injuries. It is clear that the Lakers rely on him for support. But Davis talked about this previously.

“We’ve still got to play basketball,” Davis said of James’ absence. “He’s a big key to our team, but we’ve still got to play. I don’t know how long he’s going to be out, but we’ve still got to find ways to win basketball games.”

“It ain’t come down to LeBron not being here. We let this one go again. We shouldn’t have lost this one,” Anthony said.

“We can’t control (LeBron) playing or not, but what we can control is going out there and winning basketball games,” Davis said. “With the guys that we have, we have enough pieces to still win basketball games, even though he brings a huge part to both ends of the floor of what we do.