Report: Lakers Urged to Pursue Trade for Young Kings Wing

There is a report out that the Lakers were urged to pursue a trade for a young Kings wing. The Los Angeles Lakers have not looked very impressive so far in this young NBA season. They are struggling and losing to teams that they should be beating by double digits. It is clear that there are some issues that the Lakers need to fix going into the rest of the year. If they want to make it to the Finals again, some major changes are needed.

The Lakers beat a good Miami team only to turn around and get blown out by a bad Timberwolves. But Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report thinks Sacramento Kings player Terence Davis could be a good fit for the Lakers. He does bring some good shooting and athleticism to the team. But most of all, he can play a little bit of defense, which is exactly what this Laker team needs.

This would be an interesting move and the Lakers would have to think about what they are willing to give up to get him. But it definitely could be a good move in the long run.

Report: Lakers Urged to Pursue Trade for Young Kings Wing

The Lakers definitely need something. Many people are looking at LeBron as the culprit as he has had to sit out several games already due to injuries. But the rest of the team, including Anthony Davis, are not looking at this as an excuse.

“We’ve still got to play basketball,” Davis said of James’ absence. “He’s a big key to our team, but we’ve still got to play. I don’t know how long he’s going to be out, but we’ve still got to find ways to win basketball games.”

“We can’t control (LeBron) playing or not, but what we can control is going out there and winning basketball games,” Davis said. “With the guys that we have, we have enough pieces to still win basketball games, even though he brings a huge part to both ends of the floor of what we do.”

“It’s an adjustment period of trying to figure out new schemes and stuff like that without him, for however long he’s out,” Davis continued. “But like I said, we still have enough pieces to win basketball games.”