Report: Possible Patriots Odell Beckham Jr. Pursuit Could Come Down To Literal Coin Flip

According to a new report, it is possible that the Patriots pursuit of Odell Beckham Jr. could come down to a literal coin flip. The New England Patriots are coming off of their third win in a row in week 9 of the NFL season. They are playing much better than they have in previous weeks at the start of the season and it is clear that Mac Jones has a lot more confidence than he did to start the season.

Now a lot of people are wondering if the Patriots are interested in Odell Beckham Jr. We don’t really know if the Patriots are even interested in trying to pick him up. Well, as it turns out, it might come down to a literal coin flip.

Report: Possible Patriots Odell Beckham Jr. Pursuit Could Come Down To Literal Coin Flip

The waiver order is projected by the record which is why we see this here. It could be interesting to say the least that the Patriot’s chances might come down to a coin flip.

Bill Belichick talked about whether the Patriots would pursue Odell anyway.

“What would they get? I don’t know,” Belichick initially replied. “Depends on the team and what their situation was.”

“He’s a very talented player,” the Patriots’ coach added after he was continually asked about it. “Obviously never coached him so I don’t have any first-hand experience with that.”

“We’ve done that before,” Belichick said in his press conference. “Brought in [Aqib] Talib in the middle of the season. I don’t know any specifics, so at this point, there’s nothing to really talk about.”

It will be interesting to see how the Patriots decide to go about this opportunity. It is true that they are in need of some play makers on the offensive side of the ball. But is Odell Beckham the player that they are looking to pick up? They have understandably been mute on the issue so far.

The Patriots are very strong going into week 10 of the NFL season. Adding a player of Beckham’s caliber could be the turning point that they need to be a contender.