Russell Westbrook Finally Addresses ‘Fun’ In-Game Crip-Walk Dance

LeBron James and his teammates beat the Cleveland Cavaliers and it was a good win for the purple and gold. The Los Angeles Lakers entered the regular season with zero preseason wins and the first couple of losses brought joy to people like Skip Bayless. Well, LA did a good job on the basketball court. Players found the perfect groove. When it comes to grooving, Russell Westbrook doesn’t mind pulling out his dance moves whenever he feels the beat.

The whole thing was caught on cameras. I guess Westbrook really likes G’d Up by Tha Eastsidaz. Oh my God, even LeBron James reacted to this crip-walk.

The newly-signed Lakers veteran discussed his dance during his Monday session with the media.

“Bro you know what, not really, I have done it a few times, probably in Oklahoma a few times,” Westbrook said, “but literally like, if you from L.A., certain music, certain tunes just kind of hit you differently and you kind of, like, I don’t know—all I heard was the music and I was like, ‘Oh, this is my joint right here.’ And my feet started moving. You know, it is just how it works in me and I just had to dance, it is something I kind of enjoy doing. Kind of happened in the middle of the game. I enjoyed it.”

Westbrook had a poor start to the regular season. Of course, this has nothing to do with his skillset. Broddie is one of the most competitive players in the NBA. The Lakers got him for a reason. He knows that players need time to fit in a new team. LeBron was out for a couple of games, but this didn’t stop Westbrook and Anthony Davis from winning. Westbrook is trying to do his best for the team.

“It also goes to something I mentioned after that game—just my swag and my energy and that’s who I am. In order for us to be who we need to be, I need to be free and do things where, to me it seems normal but for everybody else is like, ‘What the hell was he doing?’ And I’m OK with that. That brings a good energy to my team, to my teammates. Puts us in a happy place. I always remember, throughout a season and throughout a game, you always want to make sure you’re having fun, win, lose or draw.

“Because if you’re not, it’s kind of—for me personally, if I am super-focused and not having no fun then I get tense and I lose what I am supposed to be doing. So that is part of that, trying to have fun and enjoy the game.”