Russell Westbrook Has Brutally Honest Admission On His Play

Russell Westbrook has a brutally honest admission on his play so far this season. The Los Angeles Lakers have been bad to start the NBA season which is surprising for a lot of people around the team. It is clear that they have the talent to compete at a high level. But they have failed to play to the level of talent that they have on the team. To add to that, there seem to be some unresolved locker room issues that need to be solved before the season goes on too far.

But a lot of the problems that the Lakers are having to start the season come from Russell Westbrook and his inability to be a factor on either side of the ball. We all know that Westbrook is a very high level player with lots of talent. But we also know that sometimes, he does not play as a team player. This has been clear to star the season and will need to be figured out soon.

Westbrook recently came out and talked about what he thinks of his play and what needs to change going forward. Hopefully, he will stick to it and the Lakers can get back on track.

Russell Westbrook Has Brutally Honest Admission On His Play

“If you just kinda look back and you see the last three or four years, I’ve always been on new teams, so I’m just kind like figuring out the best way to better play,” Westbrook started off.

“The good part about it is I’m so blessed and thankful that I can do so many different things on the floor, that I can do whatever, with anybody. I can play with anybody. And I’m very comfortable with that.”

He went on: “But also I take a lot of pride, and I take a lot of just energy and effort to make sure I can be the best I can be with the guys we have on this team and make the best of this situation.”

It sounds like Westbrook knows what needs to be done. It will be a whole different question whether or not he can do something about it.