Stephen A. Smith Makes Big Declaration About LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers have lost a big chunk of their players to injuries. LeBron James is missing games and his team is losing games, too. Of course, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, and the rest of the healthy players do their best to keep the team afloat. They have won some games and we have at least one good reason to believe that the Lakers will make the playoffs this season. Well, Stephen A. Smith doesn’t believe that LeBron James will do anything good in the final stage of his career.

Smith made a shocking prediction about the four-time NBA champion on Tuesday’s episode of the First Take. He talked about the current situation in Los Angeles and didn’t think twice before saying that the Golden State Warriors are the strongest team in the West. Smith doesn’t believe that a healthy Lakers team will beat the Warriors this season.

“Obviously, things can change because you can go out there and acquire somebody different,” Smith said. “I’m saying as presently constructed with Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook and LeBron James completely healthy, [the Lakers] still ain’t beating the Warriors.”

Stephen A. Smith says LeBron James won’t win

This is not the worst comment Smith made. According to him, LeBron is done winning games. The ESPN host can’t see LeBron win another championship.

“I believe this is the last championship LeBron James is going to win, meaning it’s over,” Smith declared. “There aren’t any more championships coming.”

This was a really strong comment. LeBron will turn 37 in December, but age has nothing on him. He will have a chance to win a few more rings and Smith will have to take his words back.

Some doubters share Smith’s opinion, but these are the same opinion that have been trashing LeBron since forever. A good chunk of the basketball world disagrees with Smith. We are 15 games into the regular season and LeBron has been out most of the time due to minor ailments. He has yet to show his dominant side. May this be a warning to Smith and his supporters.