Vanessa and Kobe Bryant’s Kids Seen Adorably Playing With Pau Gasol and Rob Pelinka

Vanessa and Kobe Bryant’s kids had a lot of fun these days. They are all part of the Lakers family. Yes, the Los Angeles Lakers are much more than a basketball team. This family is huge! Kobe may be gone, but he and his family will always be part of the purple and gold world.

We all know that Lakers facilities are always available to anyone in the Lakers family. Midnight? No problem! On Saturday evening, a bunch of great people created great memories. Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka welcomed Lakers legend Pau Gasol and his family as well as Vanesa and her kids to hang out after the big USC-UCLA game at The Coliseum.

Kobe and Pau were great teammates and friends. They played really well together and their friendship extended out of the basketball court. The duo won back-to-back championship in 2009-10. Gasol and Kobe’s family remained really close following the helicopter crash.

Vanessa shared photos of Kobe Bryant’s teammate and the kids

Gorgeous Vanessa took to her Instagram stories to share videos and photos of their Saturday.

Gasol is more than an excellent player. He is an amazing person and we really love the fact that he takes a good care of Kobe’s family.

Pau and his wife Cat gave their daughter Elisabet Gianna Gasol a middle name in honor of Kobe and Vanesa’s daughter Gigi who died in the same helicopter crash.

Gasol uses every opportunity to talk about his friendship with Kobe. The same happened with his four-part docuseries released on his basketball career. A huge chunk of the series focuses on Gasol’s friendship with Kobe and his stint with the Lakers.

The Lakers legend shared details of the impact Kobe had on his personal and professional life. He answered all the questions related to his connection with the Bryant family. Gasol will always be close with Kobe’s family and their kids will be able to grow and learn together.

Kobe died last year but the world can’t accept the loss. His sudden death shocked the entire nation and every basketball fan out there.