Watch: Jamie Collins, Rises Up For Insane Patriots Interception

The New England Patriots challenge the Carolina Panthers for their fifth win in the regular season. Jamie Collins and his impeccable interception are of great help in the process. The Patriots got Collins for a reason and he is one of the key players on Bill Belichick’s roster.

Collins is here to remind fans and rivals that he is one of the best linebackers the NFL has ever seen. The Patriots have won a lot of games with his help.

Collins delivered one of the craziest interceptions in his career in the third quarter of the game against Carolina.

The Patriots to get another Jamie Collins interception

Belichick made a good decision. Bringing Collins back for a third stint is a smart move. Collins joined the NFL in 2013 and was traded in 2016. The Patriots re-signed him in 2019 and they decided to bring him back for another season. Collins had great performance with the Patriots and he is doing an excellent job on the field.

The Detroit Lions released Collins at the end of September and Belichick didn’t waste his time. The Patriots signed Collins to a one-year deal in the week after his departure from Detroit.

Collins joined the Patriots and he sees this opportunity as a blessing. The linebacker started his career with the Patriots and they know how to give him a chance to chase his dreams.

The 32-year-old embraced his role in New England. Belichick has great group of linebackers and Collins will gladly do whatever they ask him to do.

Collins signed a three-year deal with the Collins but his deal was restructured. He left the team after 16 starts, 135 tackles, seven sacks, three forced fumbles, one fumble recovery, and two interceptions.

The Patriots brought Matt Patricia back. Let’s not forget that he is a former Detroit Lions head coach. He has great relationship with Collins and this makes things easier for everyone.

When it comes to the game against Carolina, the Patriots are doing an excellent job. This is a clean win for the team and players have enough motivation to win more games in the regular season.