Watch: Rhamondre Stevenson Shows Off Insane Talent On Huge Play For Patriots

Rhamondre Stevenson has shown off his insane talent with a huge play for the New England Patriots against the Carolina Panthers. The New England Patriots are taking on the Panthers and looking for their third win in as many weeks. They started off the season slow but were able to bounce back with two wins against the Jets and Chargers. The game last week showed us what the Patriots are capable of.

Rhamondre Stevenson has played a huge part of the Patriots success in the last few weeks and it is no different today. He had a few huge gains and showed us why he is such an integral part of this team with on run.

The Patriots are looking like they will keep their streak going so far this game. They are up two touchdowns with about half of the third quarter left. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the game turns out.

Watch: Rhamondre Stevenson Shows Off Insane Talent On Huge Play For Patriots

Bill Belichick talked about this game at length.

“He’s really just a threat to go all the way on any play; inside runs, outside runs, passes, screen passes, you name it. He’s a hard guy to tackle. He’s very explosive. He gets vertical very quickly, and he can outrun most every other player on the field. Definitely a guy we’re going to have to keep close tabs on. You don’t want him to get the ball in space, or he’s going to gain a whole bunch of yards.”

He also talked about the potential OBJ signing.

“Yeah. We’ve done that before. We brought in [Aqib] Talib in the middle of the season. You’d have to evaluate any situation. I don’t really know any specifics to talk about, so at this point, there’s nothing to really talk about. We’d do anything we could to help our football team. We brought in James Harrison with one game to go in the season.”

It will be interesting to see what the Patriots choose to do going forward. It is clear that they need someone who can make plays.