Julian Edelman Knows Bill Belichick Now Is Preaching This To Patriots

The New England Patriots will meet their biggest rival on Monday and the situation is pretty tense. Playing against the Buffalo Bills is quite a challenge. The rivals will try to get the best of their game and NFL experts have already made some predictions regarding the final result. Will New England win this game? Former wideout Julian Edelman sure knows that Bill Belichick is preaching his lesson to his Patriots players.

“I remember Bill Belichick always saying, ‘Put it in the drawer. Just put it in the drawer,’” the 2018 Super Bowl MVP said on the latest episode of Paramount+’s “Inside the NFL.” “And what that means is anything that can’t help you in football in this time of the year — football season just started, it’s Thanksgiving — you put in the drawer and you forget about it until football season is over. More teams have to do this because if you want to have this playoff run, it’s the teams that make the least amount of mistakes each year are the teams that go on and win.”

Bill Belichick is preaching and his Patriots players will win

Edelman has been part of the Patriots for a really long time. He played under Belichick for over a decade. His former team has an 8-4 record at this point of the regular season. We can easily see the Patriots in the big game this season. Belichick’s team missed the chance to win a trophy last season. He packed the roster with talent and getting Mac Jones was the best move ever.

The Patriots are in the middle of a six-game winning streak. This is the best motivation players will ever get. They have a chance to beat the Bills. They also have to beat their fans. That’s the message veteran Devin McCourty delivered ahead of the game. He knows that his teammates will have to ignore a really loud group of Bills fans. We all know what that means.

Let’s see what happens on Monday. It’s a big day for the Patriots nation. It’s time to win this one!