Julian Edelman Reacts To Bill Belichick’s Unexpected Apology To Media

Former New England Patriots wideout Julian Edelman worked under head coach Bill Belichick for over a decade. He knows Belichick really well and can offer an explanation for each and every move his former head coach makes. That’s exactly what happened following the terrible loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

Coach Belichick was visibly frustrated and didn’t really entertain the media following the bad loss. This loss put an end to his seven-game winning streak. It was awful and ugly. Colts players were too confident about the match and this confidence helped them shut down the Patriots offense.

In his postgame press conference, Belichick was really moody. His press conference was a bit too short.

Julian Edelman understands Bill Belichick

Well, Belichick was well aware of the situation and he offered an apology. Have you ever seen Bill Belichick apologize for his actions? No? We neither.

Edelman watched his former head coach apologize and offered a reasonable explanation during his appearance on Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take” podcast.

“You know what, I guess, my dad told me people soften up a little bit when you get older,” Edelman said. “You get a little more wisdom, you start being a nicer guy. Maybe that’s happening. What is he 70 now?”

Belichick has everything planned for the upcoming game. Losing a game to the Colts will motivate the Patriots to win their upcoming game. Bills players will be super ready to win this one. It won’t work that easy for them.

Of course, the Patriots got a little time off so they can spend Christmas morning with their loved ones. This time the team will go with “the Saturday afternoon meeting schedule and play at 1.”

Let’s not forget that the Patriots beat the Bills 14-10 in extreme weather. Buffalo winds didn’t stop the team from winning their game. Let’s see what happens this time. Will the Patriots win the second game against the Bills? We have a good feeling for this one.

The Patriots listed eight players as questionable in the final injury report. Nelson Agholor and Rhamondre Stevenson won’t suit up for the game.