Julian Edelman Reveals He Has Some ‘Beef’ With Tom Brady

NFL experts agree that Julian Edelman and Tom Brady made the perfect wide receiver-quarterback duo. These two won a lot of games together. Brady was part of the Patriots for two decades and Edelman was a Patriot for over a decade. In other words, they established an excellent relationship on and off the court. Well, fans have a reason to ask salty questions.

The former Patriots receiver popped on the latest edition of Inside The NFL to talk about several topics. One of them was related to Brady’s chances to win another Super Bowl with the Buccaneers. Will Tampa Bay make the playoffs again?

Is Julian Edelman still talking to Tom Brady?

Edelman is not that convinced that his favorite quarterback will win another ring with the Buccaneers. Wonder why? They have too many injuries on the roster.

“Nah, I don’t think they’re gonna repeat this year,” Edelman said. “I mean, I think the team is getting depleted right now.”

There’s another topic. Brady played a huge role in Rob Gronkowski’s return to the NFL. The tight end came out of his retirement to join the Buccaneers. Will Edelman do the same? Has Brady called Edelman to recruit him?

“Nah, Tom hasn’t called me,” the 2018 Super Bowl MVP said. “And in fact, you know … we have a little beef right now.”

What? A beef? These two are like brothers. Brady used to say Edelman was his younger brother. They worked out together throughout each and every offseason.

It’s interesting to note that Edelman didn’t want to get into details. He didn’t “sell” his “brother.”

“We’ll leave it between us. But we have a beef right now. I can’t [share what it’s about.] I can’t kiss and tell! I can’t kiss and tell, like someone said.”

Well, the only thing we can do right now is sit and wait for another statement. Maybe Edelman will explain this situation. Maybe he will leave it as it is. Brady hasn’t said anything about this. They are great friends so they will probably make things work without causing a mess.