LeBron James One-Ups Himself With Epic Feat Never Before Done

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is making history pretty much every time he hits the court and he definitely made fans talk about his epic feat. Nothing beats the fact that LeBron is the best basketball player the NBA has ever seen. Age has nothing on him and his incredible performance will keep him on the floor for a while. The Lakers can definitely use his elite basketball.

The four-time NBA champion is in his 19th season in the NBA. He has won many games. Should we say LeBron won most of these games all by himself? Absolutely. LeBron is a dominant force and other players can’t match his dominance.

In the game against the Memphis Grizzlies, LeBron hit 37 points and eight threes. It’s interesting to note that LeBron scored 30 points or more in six straight games. The king of basketball proved Skip Bayless wrong. He proved doubters wrong. Do you know that LeBron has never accomplished anything like this before? Fans can’t stop talking about this great.

It’s not enough for the Lakers to win games though.

The Lakers lost too many games this season. Their current record is not that great. Players sustained serious injuries and got COVID. It’s a rather complicated situation for everyone in the NBA. Teams had to delay their games after losing most of their players.

LeBron James to deliver another epic feat

LeBron entered the NBA’s health and safety protocols but it was a big misunderstanding and he cleared protocols right away. This is not the only obstacle LeBron had so far in the regular season. The king also missed games due to his injury. Add his altercation with Isaiah Stewart and you get another missed game. LeBron had to sit out a game after elbowing Stewart.

Fans have started talking about LeBron’s retirement. He admits that he is “on the other side of the hill.” But, he promised to do his best as long as his body allows him to do so. In other words, retirement is not even a topic at this point. LeBron has so much to offer. Why would he retire now?