LeBron James Reveals Lakers Have 1 Biggest Problem Right Now

The Los Angeles Lakers entered the regular season as favorites to get the championship. Things went terribly bad and the Lakers don’t really sit on top of the Western Conference. COVID, injuries, surgeries… Some of the new guys struggled to fit in the roster. The front office had to bring in new players to replace the players on the COVID list. LeBron James had to overcome some obstacles, too, and he has already recognized the biggest Lakers problem – turnovers.

LeBron talked about this during his postgame press conference.

“There’s a difference between careless turnovers and attack turnovers,” LeBron said. “We gotta cut down on our careless turnovers — the ones that’s just unforced. We’re gonna have attack turnovers, which is OK. We have a lot of attackers and we understand that. But, the careless turnovers, where, literally, you just turn the ball over and there’s no pressure or there’s no reason for it, those are the ones that get us in trouble.”

LeBron James talked about the biggest Lakers problem at the moment

Lakers players had 18 turnovers in the loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. In the final seconds of the game, LeBron tried to find Broddie, but LA ended up losing the game.

“Looked like Russ was gonna go back door at one point, then he backed back out and I was already in the air,” LeBron said. “I had slipped before on my drive, which kind of threw my rhythm off.”

David Fizdale said the same. Lakers players have to do something about these turnovers.

“The one thing I think probably hurt us the most down the stretch was the turnovers and the one more play, where [L.A. failed to execute] the easy play to make one more pass to the open man,” Fizdale said.

The Lakers have a few obstacles to overcome by the end of the regular season. Anthony Davis will return at some point and his return will make things easier for everyone. COVID seems to be the biggest problem for many players in the NBA. It’s a long season, so let’s just see what happens next.