LeBron James Reveals Why He’s Been Playing so Well as of Late for Lakers

There’s no stopping now. LeBron James feels a lot better now and he is playing really well. Yes, the king of basketball is back and we can definitely say he is back in form.

King James helped the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Oklahoma City Thunder despite the fact that they played without Anthony Davis. The big man was out due to knee soreness. Lakers players joined forces to beat their opponent.

NBA analysts have noticed a positive change in LeBron’s performance. He missed a lot of games due to his health issues, but now he is back and he looks better than ever. The four-time NBA champion talked about this following the win over the Thunder. He was really excited about the win. It’s a good chance for everyone.

LeBron James is playing well because he is…

LeBron finished the night with 33 points and six assists on 13-of-20 shooting. What helped him put up such great numbers?

He feels great. That’s all…

The Lakers have a 14-13 record at the moment. It’s not the ideal record but players are still trying to find their groove. LeBron and some of his teammates missed significant time due to injuries. COVID-19 protocols are here, too.

The team lost some of the games in the last couple of weeks, but LeBron is putting up insane numbers. His team lost the game to the Memphis Grizzlies and LeBron finished the night with a triple double. He hit 30 points in the game against the Boston Celtics, too!

The four-time NBA champion has to stay healthy, otherwise his team will end up playing in the play-in tournament. We don’t want that. Jeanie Buss doesn’t want that. LeBron doesn’t want that either. He was among the first basketball players to criticize the play-in tournament. This will motivate him to keep his body strong and avoid injuries. He has already missed too many games and the altercation with Isaiah Stewart earned him a one-game suspension.

LA has all the assets it needs to make the playoffs. How will players handle the next few games?