Mac Jones Must Regain Chemistry With This Key Patriots Pass-Catcher

The New England Patriots have two games left on the schedule. Both games are important for the team, otherwise the Patriots will end up well outside the playoff picture. We don’t want that, right? First, Mac Jones has to work on his chemistry with a top pass catcher. This is a priority for the team and the signal caller.

Jones and Hunter Henry have excellent connection, but they have to get the best of it. In Sunday’s loss to the Buffalo Bills, Henry had just one catch for 9 yards.

The star tight end discussed the topic in Thursday’s video conference.

“I think we collectively just didn’t play a great game,” Henry said. “I didn’t play a great game. Know where was other people that said the same. I know I need to be better. I need to be better for this team.”

This should be a top motivation for pretty much every player on Belichick’s roster. They have an important task…

Mac Jones to work on his chemistry with other players

Bills players used the lack of chemistry. Sort of. They did their best to build a big wall between Jones and other players.

“We knew he was a top target and knew that Mac liked to get him the football,” Bills safety Jordan Poyer said, “so we were just … taking away his routes and forcing Mac to look elsewhere.”

Players have to build better chemistry. That’s all. Will the rookie work on this problem?

“It’s huge,” Henry said. ” It’s just (about) continuing to show up, be consistent. I didn’t play as great as I wanted to probably Sunday. I felt like we left some stuff out there on the field, for sure, so you’ve just got to learn from it and continue to get better.

“That’s what football is. Honestly, it sucks that that happened on Sunday, and it sucks that we lost. All that stuff sucks, right? None of us wanted that to happen. But what are you going to do when you kind of get punched in the mouth and respond? I think that’s the biggest thing.”