Mac Jones, Trevor Lawrence Share Mutual Respect Before Week 17 Clash

Mac Jones wasn’t the top pick in the quarterback class this season, and he is definitely better than Trevor Lawrence. Yes, some said Lawrence was the best quarterback in the group. Well, both rookies will get a chance to go against one another.

The New England Patriots are coming off a bad win to the Buffalo Bills. They also lost a game to the Indianapolis Colts. Some placed the blame on Jones. The first-rounder will have a chance to show off on Sunday. He has a chance to “fix the damage.”

Jones is the Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate. How does Lawrence feel about this?

“I followed his journey,” Lawrence said. “We’ve kinda been aligned. He’s a year older than me but still kind of have gone through things at the same time. So kept up with him. When I met him he was a great guy. It’s been cool to see his success this year. Obviously they’re doing a really good job.”

Mac Jones respects Trevor Lawrence

As you may be guessing, Jones said pretty much the same. Similar to Bill Belichick, Jones doesn’t talk too much. However, he praised Lawrence and his success in the rookie campaign.

“I’ve known Trevor going back to high school, some camps, and stuff like that,” Jones told the media. “He’s a great quarterback. He’s a great person. I know he’s a great leader. Obviously, we’re both rookies and we’re learning along the way together, but it is fun to watch the crossover tape and see how well he’s been doing and all that.”

Lawrence is well aware of the fact that Jones got the best of his practice. He is working with great coaches. I mean, playing under Bill Belichick sure means a thing. According to Lawrence, Jones got a really good opportunity.

“I think he’s been really efficient,” Lawrence said. “Offensively, you’ve seen what they do. They run the ball really well. He’s been very accurate. Great decision maker. Taking care of the ball and put them in a bunch of situations to win a lot of games. So I think that’s a big part, obviously, of their success. Quarterback has to play well.”

New England has a 9-6 record and players have to win the final two games of the season.