Matthew Judon Has Simple Reaction To Online Criticism Of Patriots

The New England Patriots lost the game to the Indianapolis Colts. Their group looked really great and fans were almost convinced that their team will win this game. They didn’t. Players were visibly frustrated. Rookie quarterback Mac Jones, head coach Bill Belichick, and pretty much every member of the Patriots family was disappointed. Matthew Judon didn’t stay calm and had an expected reaction to criticism aimed at his Patriots teammates.

Judon took to his Twitter to call out those who criticize his team.

Matthew Judon is honest about the criticism his Patriots teammates face

Some would say this is the perfect response to Judon’s situation with Carson Wentz.

We’d all say that the Week 15 game was tense. Fans witnessed several altercations during the game. In one of them, Kyle Dugger and Michael Pittman got ejected. Judon and Carson Wentz had another altercation in the third quarter.

The Patriots veteran didn’t say much about it. He would definitely “leave it on the field.” Judon said that Wentz is a good guy and even had an excuse for his attitude. It seems like Carson “got mad about something.”

Wentz wasn’t that quiet after the game. He said that he has never been “that fired up on a football field before.” The Colts veteran didn’t go into details but he sure blasted Judon.

Fans thought this would be a quiet game but it turned into a mess. The Week 15 game was a fiery game of the regular season for New England. Will the Patriots meet the Colts in the playoffs? That would be the game we don’t want to miss.

Jones wasn’t really happy about the game. He said the team had little practice this week. Belichick shared similar sentiment. He said coaches didn’t coach well and also added that players didn’t play well.

The Patriots will have to move on to the Buffalo Bills. This loss will motivate players to repeat the performance they had a couple of weeks ago. The team has a 9-5 record at this point and it’s not that bad at all. Everyone needs an instant motivation once in a while, right?