New Details On Huge Gift Mac Jones Gave To Patriots Offensive Linemen

New England Patriots offensive linemen got the best Christmas gifts ever. Rookie quarterback Mac Jones bought a cool gift for each and every member of the unit.

Ted Karras was among the first to break the news on the “big haul.”

Believe it or not, Bill Belichick’s first-rounder gifted Bitcoin to Karras and other offensive linemen. Alex McShane from Bitcoin magazine confirmed the news. McShane reported that Jones gave subscriptions to Bitcoin magazine and of course, cool passes for the Bitcoin 22 conference.

McShane also reported that Jones contacted Bitcoin Magazine CEO David Bailey for his gift. He needed some help from a professional.

“I’ve been studying Bitcoin for a while now,” Jones told McShane. “This year I just knew I had to give some Bitcoin to my teammates. So I reached out to Bitcoin Magazine and asked for help on how to give Bitcoin as a gift.”

Mac Jones chose the perfect gifts

This has become a tradition. Quarterbacks almost always buy gifts for their teammates. Jones took the whole thing to another level. We haven’t really heard of any other quarterback gifting Bitcoins to offensive linemen. Maybe other quarterbacks will follow his example.

“When Mac told us he wanted to spread the Bitcoin wealth for Christmas, we jumped at the opportunity to support him,” Bailey told McShane. “Our mission is to make Bitcoin the de facto money of humanity, which means blending it into our popular culture. Bitcoin is for everyone, but the brave, optimistic, and forward-thinking people who see the future are the ones adopting Bitcoin and sharing this important message.”

We don’t have the exact prices and numbers.

Jones set up a good example for other signal-callers and he is just a rookie. It’s always good to see that quarterbacks do an effort to build great connection with their teammates. Patriots players really respect Jones. They like his personality, and of course, appreciate his effort on the football field.

Jones and his teammates will try really hard to win the last few games in the regular season. The Buffalo Bills are next on their list.