NFL Writer Has Bold Prediction For Patriots Colts Week 15 Game

The New England Patriots will go against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 15. Head coach Bill Belichick won’t face a tough opponent. Moreover, Colts head coach Frank Reich said Belichick was the “best ever.” Playing against the Colts will be a piece of cake for the Patriots. Well, Colts players are trying to make things a little difficult for their opponents. Bobby Okereke tried to underestimate the Patriots’ offense and his comments on Mac Jones didn’t sit well with Patriots fans. Colts players seem to be too confident about their game. NFL writer Mike Reiss made a prediction about the Patriots and their game against the Colts. It will trigger an avalanche of reactions in the NFL.

“The Patriots will reference seemingly innocent remarks by Colts linebacker Bobby Okereke and quarterback Carson Wentz as motivational fuel if they come away with a win,” Reiss wrote. “Okereke said, ‘We’re really going to try to make the game one-dimensional and see what (Mac Jones) can do,’ while Wentz said, ‘We’re going to try and run the ball, and I’m confident that we’re going to be able to.’

“The Colts had plenty of praise for the team over the course of the week — (head coach Frank) Reich called Belichick the ‘best ever’ — but the Patriots have been masters of manufacturing bulletin-board material over the years. Turnovers will be the key: The Colts lead the NFL in turnover differential (plus-13), while the Patriots are tied for third (plus-10).”

The bold prediction won’t affect the Patriots vs Colts game

Patriots players took comment of Okereke’s comments as well. Kendrick Bourne didn’t pay too much attention to this criticism. The same goes to Mac Jones. Belichcik taught them really well. He doesn’t like when players talk too much. Patriots players ignore outside noise. They are focused on their season.

New England has a chance to make the playoffs. Oh wait… It has a chance to make the Super Bowl. Players have built perfect relationship on the field. Jones is leading the way for his team and things can’t go wrong at this point.