Nick Wright Shreds Mac Jones After ‘Total Disaster’ Against Bills

The New England Patriots lost their game to the Buffalo Bills and Nick Wright placed the blame on rookie quarterback Mac Jones. Head coach Bill Belichick selected Jones in the first round for a reason. Well, Wright is not really convinced that Jones is the Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate. Wright is one of those who doubt Jones’ potential.

“You have one way to win: Get out to a lead, run the ball, let (Bill) Belichick work his voodoo on the other coaches and coast in,” Wright said on FS1. “But at the first sign at adversity, at the first sign of, ‘Hey, Mac. Can you complete a pass?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, I did that at Alabama a lot.’ It’s like, yeah, it’s a little different. You don’t have three first-round wide receivers running wide open. We need tight windows, we need good decisions, we need third-down conversions. Mac Jones is like, ‘Oh, boy. They didn’t tell me it was going to be like this at the trademark office.’ Instead, he’s 14-of-32, he has a 31 passer rating.

“Sometimes a guy’s numbers are awful and it’s like, oh, he played better than that. Mac’s numbers were awful and he played worse than that. It was a total disaster.”

Nick Wright doesn’t know Mac Jones really well

Wright’s comments should motivate Jones otherwise the Patriots fans will lose every hope to see their favorite team in the playoffs. It was a long season and players tried really hard. Well, it wasn’t enough. That’s what Jones and Belichick said last week. They didn’t like the way players handled the pressure. They lost two straight games. Truth is, New England should have won the game vs Indianapolis Colts. Their opponents took advantage of the situation and won the game. Bills players came to Foxboro to win. Now is the perfect time to win the remaining games of the regular season. New England will finish the season with a game against the Miami Dolphins.

Belichick is really confident about his players. These two losses don’t mean a thing, but hey, it’s all part of the process.