This Reporter’s Question For Bill Belichick Is Going Viral

Bill Belichick is a man of few words and his videos go viral every time he makes a comment. I guess we can learn a lot from the legendary head coach. He doesn’t really talk much after games. He doesn’t talk at all after a bad loss.

That’s exactly what happened after the game vs Buffalo Bills. Patriots players worked really hard to win the game, but it didn’t work. Bills players came to Foxboro to win the game and went back home with a W.

Reporters had too many questions about the mistakes Patriots players made. One brave reporter asked Belichick about his New Year resolutions. Guess what? Coach B wasn’t in the mood of talking. He didn’t even try to offer a good response.

“No, I don’t. Maybe next week.” Yes, he will definitely share his New Year resolutions if his players win a game.

Bill Belichick to go viral again

Maybe the Patriots head coach would have shared a few resolutions. His team lost a big game and we can understand his frustration.

Several players didn’t do their job. N’Keal Harry dropped two passes and there’s no excuse for his poor performance. The Patriots wide receiver has seen too many struggles in his tenure with the Patriots. Injuries forced him to stay on injured reserve. During his healthy days, Harry underperformed.

There are several holes to cover at the moment. New England is really close to the playoffs this season and players shouldn’t miss the opportunity to become champions. Some would say that rookies never win championships in their first years in the NFL. Well, Jones is a special player and Belichick signed him for a reason.

The Patriots head coach is focused on his season. He has plenty of time to think of his resolutions. Let’s win the big game first. That is the priority right now.

The Patriots have a 9-6 record at this point. Fans expected a better flow but hey, things are not that bad after all. It’s not the end of the world. It’s not the end of the season.