Bill Belichick Believes This Patriots’ Defender Has a ‘Real Good Future’

The New England Patriots have a lot of great players on the roster. They didn’t make the Super Bowl this season, and the team will definitely make some changes to upgrade the roster. Head coach Bill Belichick had great words for one particular defender and his future in the NFL.

Patriots players finished the 2021 regular season with a loss to the Buffalo Bills. They lost the wild-card game and fans were slightly disappointed.

Mac Jones’ spot with the Patriots is secure. What about defensive tackle Christian Barmore? He turned out to be one of the best players on the roster. He was really impressive on the football field.

“Christian played a lot of snaps this year. He took a lot of snaps in practice. He was a durable and dependable player for us,” Belichick said of Barmore. “I think he has a real good future.”

The Patriots used the 38th pick to get Barmore. They sealed a trade deal with the Cincinnati Bengal to get the talented player. In 2021, Barmore played 55.6 percent of the Patriots’ defensive snaps in 18 games of the regular season. He recorded 48 tackles and 51 quarterback disruptions.

Bill Belichick praises the defender, predicts great future

There’s more. Belichick believes that Barmore will be even more impressive in the upcoming period. He will improve his performance and Belichick predicted great things for his future.

“It’s a very long season in the National Football League, especially for a rookie that has the time in the spring and then has training camp where they’re really challenged a lot more than players who have been through that. Just the first time through,” he said. “It’s tough and then it’s a long season and a lot of time to manage and everybody gets banged up over an NFL season and those are all difficult parts of being a rookie. …

“Each player’s situation is usually a little bit different, but the commonality is that there’s some degree of that. So, we’ve talked to all those players about it over the course of the year, at the beginning and at training camp and during the season, at the end of the season and talking about it and actually experiencing it are two different things. I’m sure all those players will be better prepared, for the length and the challenges of an NFL regular season than they were this year.”

The Patriots will try to get great players in the offseason to make things work for everyone. Let’s see what happens in the next few months.