Bill Belichick Explains Why Patriots Signed Adrian Phillips To Extension

The New England Patriots reward their players and one of them got a good contract extension. This happened at the right time. That’s how you celebrate a really good win… Head coach Bill Belichick discussed the contract extension Adrian Phillips received recently.

Talented Phillips earned a three-year contract extension with the Patriots. The team got him in 2020 and it was one of the best decisions Bill Belichick has ever made. In 2020, Phillips led the team in total tackles. This time, Phillips ranks third with 80 tackles.

Bill Belichick will win a lot of games with Adrian Phillips

Coach B has nothing but words of praise for the player.

“Adrian’s done a great job for us the last two years,” Belichick said Monday. “He’s played a variety of roles on all four downs. Very instinctive player. Smart player that’s around the ball. Highly productive. He’s been a good player for us on third down. He has been a good player for us on fourth down. He’s been a good player for us on early downs as well.

“His versatility and, as I said, instinctiveness, awareness, especially in a defense like ours, that is a multiple one with some versatility, he’s really been valuable and, as I said, very productive for us. Yeah. It’s great.”

New England is the home of many great stars. Phillips is a great player and he follows the pattern. Great players follow great coaches.

“This is where I want to be,” Phillips said Sunday. “This is a city built on football, and I just love it, so it was easy for me to get something worked out to stay here.

” … From the outside in, you kind of get this stigma about Foxboro — like, there’s no fun here, blah, blah, blah, whatever it is. Then you get here and you see it ain’t like that at all. It’s really just hard work. You do your job, you win games, you have fun going to the postseason.”

That’s the right mindset. Phillips will do whatever it takes to contribute to the game. He has all the skills and talent. New England will probably keep Phillips around for a really long time. Belichick won’t let his valuable player go. Not at this point.