Colin Cowherd Sums Up Patriots Season-Ending Loss In Three Words

The New England Patriots finished the regular season with a loss. They lost two out of three games against the Buffalo Bills. Josh Allen was just too much for the team and let’s be honest, the Bills have an excellent defense. Building a better defense should be a priority for the Patriots at this point. Head coach Bill Belichick will be really busy in the offseason. Colin Cowherd watched the Patriots destroy their season and he made some mind-blowing comments about the team.

If you ask Cowherd, he will say the Patriots should place the blame on Mac Jones.

“New England: Mac and freeze,” Cowherd said on FS1. “Last five games, Mac Jones: eight touchdowns, seven picks. Did the league figure him out? Well, the weather got worse and they played better defenses — Miami and Buffalo. He also trailed in games late in the year. That’s a much tougher pivot for a rookie quarterback. They had a long stretch where he was pretty good with a lead in the middle of the season. End of the year, he was trailing really good teams and playing better defenses. I mean, that and it was the most points allowed by (Bill Belichick), 47, in his NFL career.”

Colin Cowherd guides Patriots to a better season

There’s more. Cowherd also believes the Patriots should get rid of Jones and get someone who can help them win Super Bowls. He even said that Jones isn’t someone who can lead the Patriots to a win. It’s too soon for us to make a prediction about Jones’ future. He is too young and this is his first season with the Patriots. It wasn’t his fault. The Patriots had a lot of struggles in the regular season. They destroyed their seven-game winning streak with a loss to the Indianapolis Colts. The Bills sealed their destiny.

The upcoming season should be a lot better for the Patriots. They have a few problems to work on and Belichick is always ready to fix problems. It will be a long season for the Patriots and their head coach.