Colin Cowherd Used These Three Words To Describe Patriots’ Week 17 Win

The New England Patriots lost two straight games to the Indianapolis Colts and Buffalo Bills. It was a bad stretch for the team and players had to do something about tit. The Jacksonville Jaguars didn’t have much luck against the Patriots. They met a heavily motivated team. Mac Jones and his teammates did a wonderful job on the field. They finished the night with a 50-10 win. It was great. It was more than great. Colin Cowherd had a simple comment about the Patriots win. He was loud and clear.

Patriots players joined forces for a wonderful win and beat their opponents in a magnificent fashion. This team rushed for nearly 200 years and won turnovers 3-0.

“Jacksonville and New England: Beli-checks and balances,” Cowherd said Monday on FS1’s “The Herd.” “Patriots had more rushing attempts than passing attempts. Belichick knows what he has at quarterback. It’s the sixth game allowing 10 points or fewer by New England, most in the NFL. They can throw a little, run a lot, play defense, special teams. All balanced, as usual, by Belichick and New England.”

Colin Cowherd was really honest about the Patriots win

New England tried really hard to win this one and Bill Belichick was really happy with the outcome. He was laughing at the sideline accompanied by his rookie quarterback, Damien Harris, and Kendrick Bourne. He was in great mood following the game, too. Belichick is not someone who laughs all the time and his grin brought joy to many people. During his convo with the media, Belichick had a hilarious exchange with Phil Perry. What can we say, Belichick was in a really good mood. He enjoys the success his team has and that’s the only thing that matters right now.

Patriots players are back on the track and they have to win the game against the Miami Dolphins. Finishing the game vs the Dolphins with a win seems like a really good way to end the season. Doubters thought that the tea would fail to make the playoffs just because they lost two straight games.