Former Patriots Exec Thinks Tom Brady Had This Realization About Bruce Arians, Bill Belichick

Tom Brady was working with Bill Belichick for two decades. They won six Super Bowls together. However, the greatest quarterback of all time decided to part ways with Belichick and join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. How does Brady feel about his time with Bruce Arians?

The Buccaneers are coming off of a bad win to the Los Angeles Rams. They lost the NFC divisional round and players struggled to keep pace with their opponents.

Tampa Bay didn’t get a chance to play in the Super Bowl again. Buccaneers fans lost every hope to celebrate another championship win. Well, they have another concern at the moment. Brady made some comments that gave everyone a reason to think that he will retire in the offseason.

Tom Brady had different game under Bill Belichick

Former Patriots executive Michael Lombardi discussed Brady’s relationship with both coaches. His time with the Buccaneers was sort of different than his tenure with the Patriots.

“Every Friday of his career, Brady would go into a meeting and sit on the lower seat of the left side of the room and he would watch Belichick go through the ‘gotta have it’ players,” Lombardi said on his latest “The GM Shuffle” podcast episode. “And Belichick would spend time saying, ‘When they need to make a play, it’s Cooper Kupp. They need a third down, it’s Cooper Kupp. Where’s the ball going? It’s Cooper Kupp.’

“So, for Brady to see that Cooper Kupp had 64 yards on the final drive when they gotta have it, he’s gotta be saying to himself, ‘This probably wouldn’t have been the case in New England.’ “

Lombardi’s comment was speculation, of course. Well, it was more than enough to sparkle another debate.

Brady will be making headlines for a really long time. He is the biggest star in the NFL and pretty much everyone follows his moves. Let’s see what happens in the offseason. Brady said Gisele is really worried about his health. Quarterbacks receive a lot of hits and Brady’s age makes things difficult for everyone. It’s not like his age affects his game.