Former Patriots Linebacker Reveals Text Exchange With Bill Belichick

Imagine a text exchange between New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and his players… We don’t even believe that Belichick texts his players. Emojis? What’s that? Former Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes shared some details of his exchange with the legendary head coach.

Spikes contacted Belichick after the great win over the Buffalo Bills. He was really impressed with the Patriots performance that day. Belichick earned those words of praise.

“U went old school on them boys last night coach !!! Straight December football i love it !! Great win,” Spikes wrote.

Belichick got the message and his response was hilarious. That’s just Belichick texting back.

“Thanks B – tough game – good to win in Buffalo!! We are learning the lessons of physical & mental toughness –

“Last night reminded me of many games I coached @ Giants Stadium with tough defense, running game, and a lot of wind! I hope things are going well on your end!

Best, BB.”

The ultimate text exchange with Bill Belichick is something we don’t see often

We could see this coming. That’s how Belichick texts back. Like a real pro. There’s no room for joking or telling silly things. It’s all about the game.

Former players always call Belichick despite their ending. He is the best coach in the NFL and players respect him. Current and former players will always remember the great advice they got from Belichick. Playing under the GOAT is really special. Not everyone gets a chance to work with Belichick.

The Patriots head coach is in a special mood these days. He was caught laughing with Mac Jones and other players during the 50-10 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. He pulled out a big grin when Phil Perry’s baby started crying during the press conference. The serious guy knows how to laugh, don’t worry. He just doesn’t like laughing all the time.

Belichick and his players made the playoffs and they will try really hard to finish the season with better success. New England missed the playoffs in 2020 and Belichick will make sure it doesn’t happen again. His team has a 10-6 record at the moment.