Insider ‘Hearing Murmurs’ of Lakers Trade Package for Pistons Star

The Los Angeles Lakers are doing a really good job on the floor. They really look like a team that could win a championship this season. Things have taken a really good turn for everyone… Well, it seems like the Lakers may have a trade package for the Detroit Pistons.

Rajon Rondo was sent to the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Lakers got Denzel Valentine. They did trade him away. LA has an open roster spot and they may get Stanley Johnson or any other player Rob Pelinka thinks of.

Zach Lowe from ESPN has a suggestion. In an episode of The Lowe Post podcast, Lowe revealed some of the rumors he has hear recently. Will the Lakers even try to get Jerami Grant of the Detroit Pistons?

“I keep reading and hearing and hearing murmurs about how the Lakers are gonna try to get Jerami Grant with Talen Horton-Tucker, Kendrick Nunn and a 2028 first-round pick, which is the one they can trade.”

The Lakers have a trade package for the Pistons

Grant may be the best player for the franchise.

“Now look, people pooh-pooh the value of a Lakers 2028 first-round pick because everyone assumes the Lakers will always be good. The Lakers just came out of a five-year morass of awfulness, 2028 is a long time away from now. LeBron will be 40 or whatever he’ll be, even older than that, 42 or something. AD, who knows?”

LA had some struggles on the floor, but Pelinka and Frank Vogel can create the perfect roster.

“I think that pick, depending on the protections, has more value than people are giving it credit for,” Lowe said. “But you have to think Talen Horton-Tucker is an All-Star to make that the winning bid for the Pistons in whatever Jerami Grant sweepstakes exists.”

The Western Conference is packed with talent. The Lakers will meet a lot of great teams in the conference. Will they manage to win more games this time? LeBron and his teammates are winning games at the moment but LA can really use extra help.