Jerod Mayo Opens Up About Head-Coaching Hopes, Broncos Interview

Jerod Mayo will gladly meet the Denver Broncos for an interview. But first, let’s beat the Buffalo Bills in the wild-card game.

The Broncos will be looking for a new head coach. Is Mayo the right person to fill up the position? They have already submitted a request to talk to Mayo. Vic Fangio is out and the Broncos need a new head coach.

“Right now, all my focus is on the Buffalo Bills,” Mayo said. “I’ll absolutely take the interview, but right now it?s all about the Bills.”

Head coach Bill Belichick knows that Mayo is an excellent person and he definitely supports his intentions.

“Bill’s been great with that stuff,” Mayo said. “He’s been an open book for me. Whether we?re talking X’s and O’s or the structure of the team or anything like that, he’s been great. Matty (Patricia) has been a great resource. All these guys have been great resources for me. The focus is about this season, but at the same time, development has always been a huge factor for me as far as coaching is concerned.”

Jerod Mayo will beat the Buffalo Bills and then have the Broncos interview

Mayo won’t waste his time thinking about this interview. He is more focused on the upcoming game against the Bills. The Patriots have already lost one game against the Bills. But they won one, too. Is this enough for them to win the wild-card game?

“I would hope that any prospective employer would understand that my focus is 100% on the job at hand,” Mayo said. “If that causes me not to get a job — because I’m focused on the job at hand — so be it. I am happy here. If I don’t get a job because I’m focused on beating the Buffalo Bills, I’m OK.

“I was a first-round draft pick in 2008, man. I’m OK. And I don’t mean to sound that way, but my main focus is the guys in this room. It’s not about getting a job somewhere else. I have a job here right now. So we’ll see what happens.”