Lakers Plans For Stanley Johnson, Revealed

The Los Angeles Lakers have a good player option for the spot they created through the three-team trade including Denzel Valentine. A talented player joined the team through a 10-day deal. The Lakers have to make plans for Stanley Johnson and his future with the team. He is a valuable player and can easily find his home in Los Angeles.

In his first game as a Laker, Johnson showed great performance. He had a really good outing with the Lakers and fans seem to have accepted him as a real member of the team. This will definitely play a big role in the decision Vogel and Rob Pelinka are about to make. Will the Lakers give Johnson another deal? A longer one?

Lakers to make plans on Stanley Johnson and his future

Vogel didn’t reveal much about Johnson’s future with the team. It all depends on the latest development of events.

“I don’t know what real detail I can go into on that,” Vogel said. “Other than we still hope to have him back for some more games. All those answers will reveal themselves over the next few days…(Rob Pelinka) and (Kurt Rambis) are gonna make those decisions as they see fit, and that will all play out in the next few days.”

The head coach made similar comments a few days ago. It was too soon for the Lakers to make a decision on Johnson. Vogel admitted that Johnson “has done a great job” for the team, and he really praised his “toughness and hustle.” Lakers coaches evaluated Johnson’s performance through his deal.

The Lakers have regained control over the situation. They lost many games but many players have cleared COVID protocols and recovered from their injuries. Anthony Davis will return in the near future. Johnson could be a good fit for the current roster. He makes a good point for the team.

Pelinka took into consideration all the tradeable assets on the table. Some say he should get rid of some of the veterans and replace them with younger ones. Let’s see what happens next.