Lakers to Make Final Decision on Contract for Veteran Starter

The Los Angeles Lakers broke their losing streak and the front office has triggered an avalanche of changes. First, they are trading Rajon Rondo to the Cleveland Cavaliers. They will get a player in return, but the new guy will be waived right away. This gives the team an open roster spot. Well, it looks like the Lakers will make a decision on another veteran starter.

Avery Bradley. The veteran guard had some struggles on the floor, but he seems to have regained his form. Will the Lakers keep him on the roster for a while?

“He’s done a great job for us all year,” head coach Frank Vogel said after the win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. “A difficult circumstance for him, bouncing around early in the season and obviously he is a part of what our culture has been the last couple years. He started with us two years ago and really, we just talked about it, having two-way players. He sets a great tone for us on the defensive side of the ball and he has really brought a lot on the offensive side as well.”

LeBron James to help the Lakers make a decision on the veteran starter

Bradley finished the game with 14 points. Will this save his spot? Bradley looks well with LeBron James on the floor. Will the four-time NBA champion support Bradley’s future in LA?

“What he built his hat on his whole career is the defensive side of the ball, and that is what we are as a group, that’s what coach Vogel is, that’s what we hang our hats on as a group,” LeBron said on Sunday. “So, it’s an immediate fit, that’s one. And he doesn’t do anything he is not capable of doing, you know. He knows exactly how to make his mark on the offensive end around guys who handle the ball, guys that attract a lot of double-teams, guys that attract a lot of eyes. … Over the stints we have had him in a uniform, he has played extremely well for us. When he is on the floor he just makes play on both sides of the floor.”

LeBron appreciates great players and Bradley is definitely one of them.