LeBron James Drops ‘Ironic’ Take on Dwight Howard Top 75 Snub

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is always here to support his teammates, and big man Dwight Howard sure has his respect. We all know that LeBron is able to carry his team on his back. He has done it before and will always do it. Advice, gameplan, suggestion… LeBron has it all. He really wants his players to be better people on and off the court. King James is one of the very few leaders who actually care about their teammates. A well-functioning team wins games, remember? That’s why LeBron supports his teammates.

Howard still thinks it’s unfair that he didn’t make the Top 75. He is an excellent player who deserves all the respect in this world. Why didn’t he make the group? LeBron supported his teammate on Twitter.

LeBron James supports Dwight Howard

Well, LeBron can recognize great players. He has been around for two decades and has enough knowledge. His basketball intelligence has helped him win a lot of games and championships. He knows when a player has enough talent to be a winner.

Howard was pretty frustrated with this decision. He couldn’t believe that all those wins didn’t put Howard on the list.

Anthony Davis earned his spot. Some people believe that Howard should have made the list. Well, AD has his talent, too. He is an impressive player and the Lakers gave him a chance to lead the team. Unfortunately, AD is out now as he deals with a serious injury.

“You’re trying to tell me if Anthony Davis was to retire right now he has a better career than Dwight Howard? No way,” said NBA Hall of Famer turned NBA analyst Tracy McGrady.

We wouldn’t really go into this debate. We’ll let fans decide if Davis is better than Howard. One thing stands for sure. LeBron respects both players and he has high expectations from their performance. The same goes to Lakers coaches.

Howard joined the Lakers again just because he wants to get his ring. He won a championship with the team inside the NBA bubble. He and his teammates have some struggles on the field right now, and hopefully, they will be able to overcome the obstacles and win more games.