LeBron James Gets Real on Playing With Bronny in NBA

Will LeBron James and his oldest son Bronny ever play in the NBA together? That would be like a dream come true for the four-time champion. King James has been talking about this opportunity from the very first moment Bronny grabbed the ball in his hands. The kid got the good genes and he is on a good way to become a star. Just like his dad, right?

Bronny has attracted the attention of many scouts. He is one of the best prospects in the class. This has nothing to do with his popular father. Bronny is serious about his game and he showed great potential in high school.

LeBron is the best basketball player of all time. He is the best coach Bronny will ever get. LeBron has been around for almost two decades. We can easily say that LeBron dreams of sharing the court with his son.

LeBron and Bronny to be in the NBA at the same moment

King James talked about this on Uninterrupted. He said, “I think that would be an unbelievable moment.”

Bronny will be able to enter the NBA in 2024. LeBron has a lot to offer and he doesn’t even think of retiring at this point. Of course, retirement is always a topic. LeBron admits that he is on the other side of the hill. He is in his 19th NBA season. Let’s just say he will offer a few more great seasons.

LeBron’s oldest son attends Sierra Canyon in LA. Several scouts have praised his great potential and the ability to build great basketball career.

King James enters free agency in 2023. He could calculate his situation and join the teams that drafts Bronny. Playing with his son before calling it career would be the best scenario for the Lakers superstar.

Bronny has a chance to join Duke, Ohio State, Tennessee, and Texas as suggested by Eric Bossi. Will he follow his father’s footsteps? The only thing we can do right now is sit and wait. Bronny has a decision to make and his father will help him in the process.