Mac Jones Among Five Patriots With Highest PFF Grades In 2021 Season

Mac Jones didn’t win a Super Bowl in his rookie campaign with the New England Patriots, but he sure got some good grades for his performance in 2021.

Pro Football Focus ranked five Patriots players with the highest grades and Jones is definitely one of them. He is joined by several great players. They all had a key role in Bill Belichick’s gameplan.

Shaq Mason, G (87.4)
2. Mike Onwenu, OL (86.7)
3. Damien Harris, RB (86.3)
4. Mac Jones, QB (80.4)
5. Adrian Phillips, S (80.)

Mac Jones did his best to get great grades in 2021

The Patriots selected Jones with the 15th overall. Belichick watched him play football before the 2021 NFL Draft, and Jones showed great skills. He had something that attracted Belichick’s attention right away. Jones had better performance than any other rookie quarterback in the NFL. Trevor Lawrence was the top pick but his performance is nothing like the dominance Jones showed this past season.

Most NFL analysts would agree that Jones is the best quarterback option for the Patriots in 2022. He looks like the ideal building block for Belichick. The Patriots got some nice players in 2021. He should definitely work on defense. The 2021 NFL season didn’t end well for the Patriots despite their seven-game winning streak. They lost the wild-card game to the Buffalo Bills. It was the second loss to the Bills for the season. Josh Allen showed great skills, leaving little to no room for mistakes.

Haters would say that Belichick should get rid of the Alabama prospect and get someone who can win Super Bowls. Well, Belichick likes his rookie and saw his potential. This should be more than enough for doubters to stop criticizing Jones. He did a really good job as a rookie and Belichick won’t ignore that.

The Patriots are gearing up for a long offseason. Players will make decisions. The same goes to Patriots coaches. Belichick won’t retire at this point because he has so much to do. But we can’t say the same for Devin McCourt and other players.