Mac Jones Girlfriend Reveals Game Day Outfit on Instagram

Mac Jones and the New England Patriots will play against the Miami Dolphins and his girlfriend chose the right outfit.

Sophie Scott took to her Instagram stories to show her outfit for Sunday’s game. Yes, she will be rocking a Patriots jersey! That’s how you support your loved one.

Mac Jones would love to see his girlfriend in her outfit: Make a statement!

Sophie is the greatest fan and supporter Jones will ever get. She attends his games and also tries to help him prepare for a big game. This makes us think of the support Tom Brady gets from his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen.

The Patriots quarterback doesn’t mind talking about it. He admits that Sophie has been really helpful before games.

“I’ve kind of found stuff that works for me,” Jones said on The MFer podcast on WEEI. “I’ve learned from a lot of older guys on the team, just ‘Hey, how did you do this? How did you learn all these plays?’ And it just takes a little bit of time, but I spent a lot of time doing it when I first got here, and obviously every day I stick to my schedule and I just try and break it down and watch film, but also focus on the things that we want to do.”

Sophie makes sure she is around when Jones needs an extra help with his plays. She helps him go through the whole process. Couple goals, right?

“She does a good job,” Jones said of Sophie’s support. “Most of the time she just walks through [plays] in the yard. Yeah, she helps me a lot.”

This is more than awesome. It’s always great to have someone around when things get tough. Jones is having an excellent season with the Patriots and he has so much to prove right now. Bill Belichick decided to trust him after training camp and gave him the keys to the offense. Jones beat Cam Newton in the quarterback competition last summer. He got the job for a reason, so he better do his best to keep it.