Mac Jones Loves This Unremarkable Christmas Gift From His Girlfriend

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones didn’t get an expensive Christmas gift from his girlfriend. Well, it’s not like he needed one. Jones is really humble and he is happy with whatever he gets from others. People get really excited around the holidays and Jones was really happy too. Who isn’t?

During his appearance on Monday’s “Merloni & Fauria,” Jones talked about his holidays and the gifts he received. Believe it or not, he got a flashlight from his girlfriend Sophie.

“Um, yeah, I mean, Christmas is great,” the Patriots rookie said. “And, um, I got a new flashlight from my girlfriend. I needed one for the house and she delivered.”

As we mentioned before, Jones is a humble guy, and he gets excited about simple things. He doesn’t need expensive jewelry or a watch to be excited. Simple guy, huh?

Mac Jones gets the simplest Christmas gift

It was hard to believe that Jones got such a common piece.

“Yeah, we were fired up. It was great.” As you can see, he was definitely happy. It was a sweet gift from his girlfriend. She knows him better than any of us. I guess she knew what she was doing.

Jones like simple things, but his buddies didn’t get simple things for Christmas. The Patriots rookie gifted Bitcoin to Patriots offensive linemen. Yes, we all know that quarterbacks tend to give great gifts to their offensive buddies, but no one has ever gifted Bitcoin to their teammates.

Unlike head coach Bill Belichick, Jones is really interested on Bitcoin. The rookie consulted an expert to get things right. Belichick doesn’t even know what cryptocurrency is. Yes, that’s our guy. He is more interested in football and winning games. Jones and his teammates should enjoy their new hobby.

The holiday season is almost over and Jones will have plenty of time to focus on the end of his rookie season with the Patriots. He is doing an excellent job and the Patriots have a 10-6 record. The Miami Dolphins are the last team on their list. Will Jones take the Patriots to the Super Bowl this time?