Mac Jones Reveals His Side Of Patriots Sideline Laugh With Bill Belichick

Head coach Bill Belichick doesn’t really laugh that much. He doesn’t laugh at all. Fans, players, staffers, and reporters rarely get a chance to see him pull out a huge grin. Well, we saw Kendrick Bourne, Damien Harris, and Mac Jones laugh with Belichick at the sideline during the game vs Jacksonville Jaguars.

Mac Jones, Kendrick Bourne to make Belichick laugh again

The Patriots head coach didn’t reveal much about the moment, saying it was just a “lighter moment” for everyone. Bourne said it was the joy of winning. Now we have Jones telling his side of the story.

“I think we were just talking about the game and all that,” the rookie quarterback said. “Coach just chimed in. That was pretty much it. But KB definitely can make him laugh. … We were right by where we were supposed to be just in case. We were watching the offense and making sure everything goes smooth.”

Bourne is an excellent player, and Belichick is a fan. We all know that the Patriots head coach respects great players who can lead the team to a win. Bourne is one of them, and Jones agrees with this one.

“I think KB’s just an awesome guy, and he’s very consistent with who he is,” the rookie said on WEEI. “He enjoys the game, but he also enjoys the people and the people that he gets the chance to play with. We all love him, and he just brings that energy every day. It’s off the wall, but it’s great, and he’s focused at the same time. He does a great job. It just makes the game more fun. You’re here to have fun and to win, and he does both of those things.”

Bourne and his energy will help the Patriots win a lot of games in the future. He is a valuable member of the family and Belichick won’t let him go that easily.

The Patriots have a 10-6 record at this point of the season. They are playing against the Miami Dolphins next and they really need to win that one.